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Fat Reduction in San Antonio, TX

Many Americans struggle with weight loss every day. Whether you're dieting, exercising, or simply fasting, you have probably experienced the same frustration. Losing unwanted weight does not have to be a burden. Discover innovative solutions for your weight loss troubles at Blue Diamond Med Spa, the preferred local resource for nutritional counseling and fat reduction in San Antonio, TX.

When it comes to alternative weight loss methods, some wonder whether our approach is as noninvasive as it seems. Our team specializes in non-surgical fat reduction, along with cellulite reduction for problem areas like the thighs and arms. These methods are pain-free and tailored to suit your needs. Your comfort and safety are our specialists' first priorities.

Fat Reduction in San Antonio, TX

Try Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Surgery is not the be-all, end-all of weight loss methods. When it comes to your personal comfort and safety, you deserve treatments made to fit you - not the other way around. You do not have to settle for procedures that make you ill at ease at our med spa. Just a few of the alternatives we offer at our state-of-the-art facility include I-Lipo™ Ultra and Lipoden injections.

Are you searching for a fast, easy way to get rid of those stubborn fat deposits on your back, thighs, or stomach? Our team most recommends non-surgical fat reduction to those that have struggled to lose weight in certain spots. Spot reduction through diet and exercise is impossible - however, our treatments are able to target problem areas and help you banish that last bit of fat or loose skin.

Ask about Nutritional Counseling

Many people know that weight loss through diet or exercise works best when you combine the two. Like diet and exercise, non-surgical weight loss is most effective when paired with good nutrition. Boost your body on its way to a younger, slimmer appearance by opting for nutritional counseling from our spa. We are here to provide useful information about your body's needs.

Work with our team to create a custom weight loss plan that guarantees results. Not every body is the same when it comes to losing weight - that is why our health specialists take a personalized approach to your journey. Just a few of the services that come with nutritional counseling include:

• Body Composition Analyses
• Doctor-Supervised Food Plans
• Metabolism Regulation
• Appetite Management Guidance
• Lifestyle and Motivational Coaching
• Science-Based Activity Recommendations

Contact our med spa to start learning about innovative and non-surgical fat reduction approaches. We treat clients
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