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Melt Away Fat with SculpSure in San Antonio, TX

Shaping up has never been easier, thanks to Blue Diamond Med Spa. We are your destination for losing fat and improving your appearance. Our spa is proud to provide revolutionary and non-invasive SculpSure in San Antonio, TX. There’s never been a better way to remove fat with little to no downtime. Visit us today and attain the beach-ready body you have always wanted.

SculpSure laser treatment is approved by the FDA for removing fat from the abdomen and flanks. It is quick and painless, making it a great choice if you are considering lipolysis. Treatments take only 25 minutes per session, and you can begin seeing the results within weeks.

Surgery Preparation

How It Works

We are not kidding when we say SculpSure body contouring melts fat away. This treatment utilizes high-frequency lasers and controlled heat to rupture fat cells. Your body’s lymphatic system then breaks down the cells and removes them from your body over time.

You will begin noticing fat loss from treatment areas as early as six weeks after treatment. Combined with a healthy diet and exercise, SculpSure has the potential to transform your body.

SculpSure treatment is simple and stress-free. It will not involve needles or anesthetic. In fact, the procedure is so painless you can take a nap or read a book during your session. There is little to no recovery time, so you can continue with the rest of your day with no interruption.

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Contact us to learn more about SculpSure fat removal. We are located in San Antonio, TX, and serve the surrounding area.