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Lipoden Injections in San Antonio, TX

Losing weight can be a long, unsatisfying process for many Americans. It takes months to notice the smallest changes in your body fat, especially in problem areas. When traditional diets and exercise simply aren't working for your weight loss routine, turn to the health specialists at Blue Diamond Med Spa for a solution that delivers results. We offer fast-working lipoden shots and LipoLean shots for clients that want fat gone fast.

Tone up after your lipo shots with a body contouring session. Contouring can help to lift and tighten your skin, further enhancing the appearance of your body after you've lost weight. Our team uses a laser to refine skin in problem areas, such as the back and thighs. Visit our spa to schedule your contouring session. It's the perfect complement to your lipoden injections in San Antonio, TX.

Lipoden Injections in San Antonio TX

Achieve Faster Weight Loss with Lipoden 

What exactly are lipoden shots? Lipotropic shots are combinations of chemicals, hormones, and nutrients designed to stimulate your metabolism. Once your metabolism receives the boost, it processes food more quickly and efficiently, making weight loss faster. You do not have to worry about eating a little extra at dinner - our lipoden shots have you covered.

Our clients love our lipoden injections because they speed them on their way to losing that last bit of stubborn weight. Spot reduction through diet and exercise is typically ineffective. However, lipoden shots can help you burn through fat that is clinging to areas like your arms, legs, back, and belly. You will look and feel great after shedding those last few pounds.

We Carry LipoLean™ Shots

Are you concerned about retaining your lean muscle mass during your weight loss program? Losing lean muscle is a common concern for health-conscious individuals. You do not have to settle for losing pounds of lean muscle when you opt for LipoLean shots through our medical spa. These transformative injections help to supplement the leucine you need to hold on to your muscles.

Leucine is an essential amino acid taken from proteins. Once you cut foods from your diet, it can be hard to consume enough of it to retain your lean muscle mass. LipoLean™ shots are the solutions to your muscle troubles. They provide the leucine you need to look and feel healthy.

Contact our day spa to schedule your appointment for lipoden injections, or ask about our LipoLean products. Clients living in Schertz, Terell Hills, Leon Valley, Canyon Lake, and New Braunfels, TX, rely on us for effective anti-aging treatments and products.