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Diamond Cut Program

Vegemeal is a great tasting, nutrient rich powdered supplement designed to help promote an optimal intake of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The ingredients make this formula ideal for patients needing support with weight control and muscle maintenance.

Each weight loss support packet contains:
Thermo-EFx (1 capsule)- is designed to support healthy weight loss by helping to increase the body's metabolic rate safely without causing any stimulant associated side effects often seen other weight reduction formulas.

Carnitine synergy (2 capsules)- Without carnitine, fats cannot be burned for energy. Optimizing carnitine levels have been found to have dramatic benefits for low energy, obesity, and fatigue.

EndoTrim (2 capsules)- is a comprehensive endocrine and metabolic balancing formula designed to promote optimal body composition by favorably modulating the hormones insulin, leptin, and cortisol: balancing blood sugar, optimizing the activity of fat-burning enzymes; and limiting cravings.