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Blood Testing in San Antonio, TX

Are you interested in learning more about your physical needs and well-being? Schedule your appointment for blood testing in San Antonio, TX, at our medical spa. Our experienced health specialists offer a large selection of treatments and tests in order to help clients learn about their physical conditions. Visit Blue Diamond Med Spa for blood testing or ask about scheduling any of the following:

• Advanced Lipid Panel Testing • Heart Blood Panel Testing • Cancer Screening

Though our specialists utilize blood tests in order to determine your eligibility for our treatments, we recommend you discuss unusual results with your doctor. These blood tests often prove useful for our clients even after they undergo our anti-aging treatments. They offer insight into your physical condition and help you understand your lifestyle's effect on your health.

What Does Wellness Blood Testing Show?

Blood tests are useful tools used to check the levels of different essential substances in your blood. Our team checks your levels against the normal range, typically seen in about 95% of healthy people. An abnormal result could indicate the presence of a disorder or disease. However, many other factors can affect your results, including:

• Medications
• Menstrual Cycles
• Alcohol Consumption

• Diet
• Level of Physical Activity

We emphasize safety as a universal feature of our health treatments. That is why we offer general wellness blood testing services alongside our anti-aging treatments. Without blood tests, our team cannot diagnose our clients and prescribe an effective course of action. Schedule your appointment for blood testing at our spa to receive more information.

Blood Testing in San Antonio, TX

Schedule Your Cancer Screening Appointment

Is cancer a common condition in your family? You can learn more about your risk with a cancer screening appointment at our medical spa. Our health specialists offer screening services that help clients detects several kinds of cancer. Early detection is essential when it comes to treating cancer, and our team is prepared to help you understand your options and explain your results.

Our specialists recommend all clients opt for a cancer screening. Cancer comes in many forms, and its symptoms can vary. Each person is born with a particular risk for cancer - that is why we advise you to schedule regular cancer screenings. With help from our team, you can determine your risk and catch signs of cancer before they begin to develop.

Contact our med spa to schedule your appointment for informative blood testing. We treat clients based in San Antonio, Alamo Heights, Bulverde, Helotes, and Boerne, TX.