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i-Lipo Ultra in San Antonio, TX

Say goodbye to any stubborn cellulite and fat clinging to your body. Blue Diamond Med Spa invites you to discover the difference an i-Lipo treatment can make in your weight loss journey. With no needles and no pain, it is a great option for clients seeking an easy solution for unwanted weight. Visit our medical day spa to learn more about your options for i-Lipo Ultra in San Antonio, TX.

Be sure to talk with our specialists about body contouring during your appointment. Body contouring is the perfect treatment to complement your laser lipo session. Our specialists use a laser to tighten and refine your skin, helping it look and feel years younger. We recommend body contouring to anyone who is look to tone their body, and to clients that have recently lost weight.

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What is i-Lipo Treatment?

The i-Lipo Ultra system is an innovative weight loss method designed to make ridding your body of additional cellulose and fat easy. Because it is non-surgical and noninvasive, you will not experience any pain or downtime. Even better, the results are immediate and comparable to those delivered by traditional liposuction surgeries. Why undergo a painful treatment when you can secure the same results painlessly?

Many of our clients prefer i-Lipo Ultra to other weight loss approaches. Liposuction surgeries are expensive and complex, leaving you with weeks of downtime before you see results. This is not true of laser lipo. After an i-Lipo Ultra session, you can walk out of our medical day spa looking and feeling better than ever. Our team prioritizes your convenience and works accordingly.

The Benefits of Laser Lipo

An i-Lipo treatment does more than refine your physical appearance - it helps your body internally, too. This weight loss solution improves your body's lymphatic drainage, stimulates circulation, and encourages renewal of your skin cells. Together, all of these internal benefits work to reduce and improve the appearance of future cellulite. Laser lipo is a long-term solution.

Our nutrition specialists recommend you pair your i-Lipo session with improved diet and exercise. Losing weight is a long journey for many people. If you like what you see after your laser lipo session, you may want to consider nutrition counseling to help you maintain your results. Our team can help you make better choices for your body in the long run.

Contact our clinic to schedule an i-Lipo Ultra session with our team. We treat clients based in San Antonio,
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